Enjoy the experience

Hot air ballooning is one of life's magical experiences. It is hard to explain the wonder of flying with the wind and having no sensation of movement. Words don't do the visual spectacular justice, whether it is a brilliant sunrise or a mystical morning with fog lying in all the low valleys. Sunrise Flights last for 50 minutes to 1 hour flying time depending on available landing sites. After a spectacular flight our passengers enjoy a complimentary champagne breakfast. Allowing for setup, flight, packup and champagne breakfast, we recommend you allow at least three and a half hours with us.

Flying in a hot air balloon isn't like other aircraft as the only sensation of movement is from your eyes, you can see you are moving but you don't feel like you are moving as you drift with the breeze. Our highly experienced Civil Aviation Licensed pilots will give you a great experience that will include a commentary on how the balloon works and what is going on during the flight. We look forward to you enjoying the wonder of hot air ballooning with us.