Visiting Canowindra

Canowindra is a historic town established in the mid 1800's and back in history was held up by Ben Hall . Today it is a vibrant country town that has a number of complimentary aspects. Canowindra services a very fertile farming region, has a fabulous historic main street, a quirky  collection of artists, antique and craft stores, a variety of cafes, a range of clubs and pubs and a variety of other businesses. Canowindra is situated in central NSW a 50 minute drive south  west of Orange.

In 1963 Canowindra became the home of Australian Hot Air Ballooning as the first Australian ballonists settled on Canowindra for their flights due to its calm and stable atmospheric conditions. Since then Canowindra has grown in international reputation as a world class hot air ballooning destination with the growth of the Canowindra Challenge into a global hot air balloon competition.   Book your flight with Balloon Joy Flights.

Canowindra has also become famous for a world leading fish fossil discoveryin 1956,  which has led to the ceation of the  informative "Age of Fishes" museum that details the discovery and the importance of these 360 million year old fossils for paleontology. In 2018 the NSW Government declared the Mandageri Fairfaxi as the State Fossil Emblem.




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